Book ID - Caractacus as "King Arthur"


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May 2014
Yes indeed. But I like to "self-identify" as more like 30.
Well, if you're 30 in spirit right now, you should become 71 in spirit at age 111! :D Hopefully you'll live that long! :)

Anyway, if you were born in 1947, then you are a whopping 45 years older than I am! :) It's quite amazing, isn't it?


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Aug 2011
As a boy c1960, I once saw an advert for a book about King Arthur, stating that the real Arthur had been King Caractacus, and that he had been fighting Romans rather than Saxons.
King Arthur is seen by many as a semi legendary figure who embodies many older tales. In 'Brigantia, Cartimandua and Gwenhwyfar' Michelle Ziegler draws parallels between Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot and the Brigates of the 1st cent. AD, their king, Venutius, his queen Cartimandua and her lover Vellocatus. You may recall that Cartimanuda was the one who handed Caractacus over to the romans. It is not unusual for later story tellers to recall older stories but change the names and the times.

The Heroic Age: Brigantia, Cartimandua and Gwenhwyfar

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