Books about ancient Vietnam (hopefully from Vietnamese sources)

Mar 2018
Hello all!

In research for a podcast I am seeking books about Ancient Vietnam, specifically in the time before Colonial Indochina.

I already have or know of:

The Birth of Vietnam by K.W. Taylor
Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and Americans in Vietnam by F. Fitzgerald
Vietnam: A New History by C. Goscha
Viet Nam: A History Earliest Times to the Present by B. Kierman

These are excellent sources and I would readily recommend them to anyone interested in the subject of pre-colonial Vietnam. But I was wondering if anyone knew of sources by actual Vietnamese authors? I'll even consider ones written in Vietnamese, since I have recently begun learning this language. Or if anyone had any better suggestions from Western authors.

Thank you in advance!
Jun 2013
there are 15th century and later chronicles that taylor mentions that might be available as printed works through interlibrary loan
May 2009
It's not about Vietnam exclusively but the Cambridge History of Southeast Asia covers Vietnam as well as it's neighbors if you want a broader context. Its a good general reference.
Dec 2016
I'd suggest getting acquainted with Cambodian / Khmer history of the same era. At one time, the Khmer kingdom may have been the principal civilization in this region.