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Jan 2012
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Right now I am reading "Why did Europe Conquer the World" by Philip T.Hoffman. So far I found some good observations, not least about the role of military competition between European powers. On the other hand probably a tendency to not only try to find "the explanation", by excluding more than one side - he seems so far very single minded focusing on technologies of warfare, and especially firearms, and so far not mentioning the importance of maritime skills and navigation. After all even without guns western european conquests in other parts of the world seems possible. Without some level of skills of oceanic travels neither the western european expansion over the oceans, nor (or hardly so) the emergence of the "modern world" seems likely.For me, ships, even more than guns, steel, horses, seems a necessary ingredient or condition.
Then it must also be said not all of Europe took any significant part in this "Conquest". Most of it was by five states of the west: Portugal, Spain, England (later Great Britain), The Netherlands, France. To the east a different Conquest by the Russians, mostly over land. So all, except Russia (which seems a somewhat different story) extremely maritime, coastal powers.
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Jan 2014
Christopher Bayly, The Birth of the Modern World: Global Connections and Comparisons, 1780–1914

Philip D. Curtin, The World and the West: The European Challenge and the Overseas Response in the Age of Empire.

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