Books on Alternate Macedonian History.

May 2012

Maybe you are aware or not that in The Republic of Macedonia there is a unique history taught only there where instead of the largely Hellenic Macedon (or not if your Borza) we are used to, an Slavic ethnic Macedonian nation state has existed since the dawn of time it seems.

I have a million books on classical history but to the people there this is all part of the "global conspiracy" and in fact im being lied to. In which case I need to attain some of their history books.

Now as a Ancient History undergraduate hoping to commentate on the "Macedonia naming dispute" I want to understand that history fully to be able to credibly pass judgment.

Asking people on YouTube results in moronic statements at best or Macedoniatruth Forum is like :deadhorse: / get banned for being and "undercover Albanian"
Some Albanians also think they are decedent of macedon too i find this interesting.

Now im aware of people like Pasko Kuzman who uses magic watches to travel back in time to talk to "fillip and alecsander the great tsar" but what i really need it the books produced by the Academia in Skopje, their official take on history.

So does anyone have a comprehensive list of books ( written in English) by Historians from the republic of Macedonia? and books on the Macedonian naming dispute? Or anywhere where I can get school books from the republic of macedonia (in english), I find this alternate history interesting. And it is a big issue in Greece and so far all im getting is trolls on youtube saying slavs predate all white men or Alexander bequeathed Rome to a Vlach General, never ending Demosthenes quotes without realizing the context and slide shows of lions, wolves and flags and 009 soundsystem etc etc....... :deadhorse:

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Hello Ben and welcome to historum!

Well, I know someone who studied in the university in Skopje and translated for me in the past many serious works. If you give me some time I might be able to reconnect and get you some serious literature.

Also, I had stumbled on a book called "Ziva Antica" which was touching the matter in a very serious way.

When it comes to archaeology, thankfully not everyone has a time machine like our friend Pasko. You should definitely check Dragi Mitrevski, who has made some serious work in the region. I am just not sure how intrested you might be in material cultures and geographic distribution of pottery.
May 2012
I shall have a look at what you suggested, also are there any other nation which have a unique alternate history that i could make comparisons with? (North Korea?, Iran?) Or is it really just republic of Macedonia that does this kind of thing.