Books on Fin de Siècle/Belle Époque Europe (ca. 1870-1914)

Jun 2016
A Shell of Steel
I'm having a very difficult time finding good material on the period of european history ca. 1871-1914. Some books I've found that fit this period are:

The Age of Empire: 1875–1914 - Eric Hobsbawn
The Proud Tower - Barbara Tuchman
The Age of Decadence: Britain 1880 to 1914 - Simon Heffer

The Last one focuses particularly on Britain, I would prefer a perspective of all Europe rather than a single country. I've also found some books focusing on culture during this period, but I'm slightly more interested in political/social history than cultural history. I also don't really want to read a book that spans a significantly longer period of time (perhaps until the end of ww2) mainly because I would like an in-depth view of this period rather than an overview.

Any ideas or pointers? I would consider reading multiple books as a long as they will add up to an in-depth view rather than merely an introductory overview (for example complimenting the one on Britain with focuses on France, Germany, Italy, etc.).

I would appreciate any help, thanks.