Brahmins of Pakistan and Afghanistan

Sep 2017
The funny thing is that people with agendas cook up their own civilizations. Here are a few from South Asia:
- Saraswathi Civilization.
As this turned out to be a hard sell, a new one was created to sneak it in as a clingon to IVC:
- Indus-Saraswathi civilization.
And to top it all, we now have this emerging:
- Brahmanic civilization. :lol:
Btw, I have this book by S. M. Ikram, rather well written with an Islamic bias:
- Muslim civilization in India.
You should learn it too, thats how you will understand how brahmins forcefully Aryanised "Natives". :) south especially had a great honor of staying under great brahminic Empires one after another.

When ever i read history of Brahmins and our royal clans i can not stop but smile and feel proud of those great souls who completed the Task.

But on other hand i wish we kept our language for only yourselves and stayed in brahmavarta like persians, Kirds, Pashtuns etc.


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Aug 2015
Indo aryan or vedic civilization.

Dont tell me it was created by "Indians".
Interesting. I have read about Vedic age, Vedic period, etc. in history books, but never "Indo aryan or vedic civilization". Is this some kind of Hindu religious extremist propaganda?

In any case, what aspects of this "Indo aryan or vedic civilization" were not created by "Indians", except for the Caste System, and the imported language?
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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
Indo-Aryan or vedic civilisation. Don't tell me it was created by "Indians".
Hindus created Hindu civilisation into which the Indo-Aryan civilisation merged like a river emptying its water in the ocean. The river and the ocean.

Cha Cha ji is 92 and venerable. Hindu civilisation.
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Sep 2012
I guess brahmins from those regions were more Like Ancient brahmins / Martial, Robust, Tall, Aryan, Warlike from Vedic age unlike modern brahmin from most of india. Only Punjabi, Kashmiri, Dogri, Himachali, uttrakhandi and Haryanvi Brahmin have this phenotype on Avarage.

Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra have token of these as well. Myself being example due to my Height and blue eyes i guess.

Brahmin of Gandhara.

Looks closer to punjabi And Dogra brahmins like Sanjay attitude.
Prithviraj Kapoor , the great actor from old days of Hindi films, came from Peshawar.

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