Britain's, France's, and Germany's WWII casualties if France doesn't fall in 1940


Ad Honoris
May 2014
What would Britain's, France's, and Germany's World War II casualties would have been in a scenario where France doesn't fall in 1940 and where World War II is still a fight to the finish (either to Berlin if Hitler remains in power until the very end, or at least until the Rhineland if anti-Nazi German generals are able to overthrow Hitler--after which point Germany is likely to surrender if it isn't let by Hitler)?

I want to compare WWII casualty levels and especially WWII death levels in this scenario in this scenario in comparison to real life. Germany was severely bled dry in WWII as a result of fighting the Soviet Union in real life while Britain and especially France managed to avoid massive casualties. In this scenario, this might be different due to the lack of a Fall of France and due to the lack of Operation Barbarossa.

Anyway, any thoughts on this?