British Act of Union - or English invasion of Scotland

Jun 2015
The 1707 Act of Union's background is well known. The Stuart personal union between England and Scotland still existed, under Queen Anne.

And Scotland was bankrupt after its Darien Scheme, and England was wary of its Auld Alliance with France. England recently had engaged in a major war against France.

But what if negotiations failed?

It could be:

- Hostilities between England and France continue
- England invades Scotland, and like Cromwell it succeeds in invading and occupying the country
- Queen Anne supports the invasion, and advises her Scottish ministers to accept the new regime
- Both kingdoms remain separate, but in exchange for Scottish neutrality in foreign affairs, the English allow Scottish access to English markets overseas. So there is an economic union of sorts, but not a political one.

Queen Anne still dies a decade or so afterwards, and the Hanoverians, however, become kings of England, Scotland, and Hanover.
There is still is a Jacobite rebellion, but then it's not really the same intensity since Scotland was still technically independent.

By the late 18th century, Scotland industrialises, and a closer union develops due to the growing English colonial empire and involvement in slave trading.

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