Bullsh*t jobs


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Oct 2016
Oh yeah , I totally forgot . I was a preparations maker for BAA for about 6 months . Made a LOT of preparation 500 ... and thats BS ! ... well, CS .

Hey ! he didnt stand them upright ! )

Thing was we had to do hundreds of them, in a giant trench. We used an old butchers sausage making machine to fill the horns with poo' .

It was a bit like making a nasty 'Mr Whippy'


Some times an air pocket would get caught and ..... nothing , then ....... BLAT ! the machine would 'fart' and those nearby get splattered .

( We would often host 'open days' and get the agriculture and horticulture students attending to do the 'best' jobs :) )


Ad Honorem
Oct 2011
For those interested, here is an article that tears into Graeber's ideas:

The Rise of Bullshit Jobs | naked capitalism

Her point about Graeber potentially seeing certain jobs as "bullshit" in part because he and people like him look down on them is an interesting and potentially correct psychological insight. We often form judgments on some emotional subjective basis then try to formulate a rationale to defend them, and that may well be a factor here, though I am not in a position to know for certain.
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