Caesar Pronunciation?

Dec 2018
Yeah, Hadley. If you ordered a kaiser salad you'd probably get something with sauerkraut in it.:) The funny one is Cicero, or should I say Kikiro. Sounds Japanese.
My grandfather's last name was Cicerone. It's pronounced Chee-chah-rohn-eh.

Caesar should be something like Chee-zah-reh, since it's spelled Cesare in Italiano.
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Sep 2012
Regarding 'tzar' the old Bulgarian transliteration is 'Kesar' /attested in Old Church Slavonic with meaning king. Tervel of Bulgaria was awarded by ERE emperor with the title of kaisar, which made him second only to the Justinian Rhinotmetos, the title at the time was given to the successor of the throne. With time it evolved into цар / transliteration tzar.
Feb 2011
K- ai-sar with hard C, so I was taught for ancient latin.

For medieval latin or Italian, the soft c- hence Che-sa-rei Borgia,.