Can anyone recommend possible battles/wars to write about for a 2000 word university essay?

You could write an essay about Sojourner and the civil war. This of course is a very extensive topic. You have a choice, anyway. You can find a lot of useful information in the network or ask for help in the service superior papers. I ordered an essay a couple of times, but it was an emergency. I think you should have an interesting essay.
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Interesting, and largely agreed with most of the books I’ve read... except the massive casualties on both sides.

English casualties are usually lowballed at around 100, and highest estimates being 600 killed... including the camp followers and pages massacred in the camp.
We can name 500 French nobles and knights killed or taken.
We can name only 2 English ones, and 110 other Englishmen.
Which sounds like negliable losses to me.
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Why not write about a war no has heard of? I suggest Shah dynasty’s invasion of Kathmandu valley and wars against 22 western kingdoms and 24 eastern kingdoms of Nepal.

Current ethnic tension in Nepal can be traced directly to these small wars.


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So it's interesting Medival battles:

Bouvines 1214
Muret 1213
Golden Spurs 1302

Since Agincourt was suggested, why not go counter-intuitively to the "normal" English language narrative of that period of warfare and go for...
Patay 1429, or
Castellon 1453, in particular
...that is to say how the French eventually won also on the battlefield?
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I need to write an essay for a uni course on medieval Europe.

What I really want is an open research question that can have multiple possible answers to be debated. What I'd really like to do is research causes for the outcome of battle a conflict, i.e "what was the most important factor leading to the victory/defeat of X in the Battle/War of X?" or "what was the main turning point in the Battle/War of X?

I was thinking of doing Agincourt but I think the answer is fairly straightforward there - the English longbowmen.

I don't know many medieval battles as my main interest in history is more 19th century. Most medieval battles seem fairly straightforward - e.g.French knights charge, get shot to pieces, the end, compared to battles like the Waterloo or Gettysburg which involved multiple different assaults, and you could argue for any one of them as the turning point.
Have you thought about Little Bighorn? That battle has many unanswered questions. Good luck.
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The OP made his decision about a month ago, he wrote about the replacement of knights by professional infantry and even started a thread discussing it. Even if the thread was still active Little Bighorn is off topic, the essay was on medieval Europe.
Ah. That'll teach me to read the whole thread, won't it. Thanks.

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