Can anyone tell me from which time period and place this band is from?

May 2014

This is from a video game called BioShock Infinite. Long story short, time portals open to different places in history. In this particular picture, it looks like a time portal is revealing a band of some sort. They seem to be some kind of European military band to me judging by their uniform but I'm not sure. Can anybody tell me which time period this band is from?

Note that they aren't actually greyish in colour. The portal just depicts them in that way.


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Jan 2011
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Its difficult to tell. Just from the hats and jacket style i'd have gone for 1890 or 1900, somewhere in the Sousa era.

But those uniforms have been kept in use bu high schools and the military ever since so good luck finding out.

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Actually thinking of Sousa that looks like a sousaphone in the middle row so that means it cant be before the 1890s.

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