Can we have an American cultural music thread?


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May 2014
Don’t know why, but that song often reminds me the movie “Grease” with Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. I don’t even think that it was in the movie’s soundtrack. But surely brings back some good old memories.
FWIW, I first discovered this song by watching this commercial:

This commercial is actually very funny. :)
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Dec 2012
Participating in this thread is making me nostalgic. Is everyone familiar with Dirty Dancing? Imo, that's a great example of a collection of "American cultural music."

As a kid, I never realized Patrick Swayze sung this song. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was the actual performer.
Jan 2018
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The Bee Gees are Australian-British. I think their best songs are "Holiday" and "Odessa, City on the Black Sea", from their pre Disco days.
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