Captain Ronald Speirs and War Crimes

May 2018
I was recently re watching "Band of Brothers", and I googled "Ronald Speirs War Crimes." Even Speirs own website addresses the controversy, and is the closest thing to an official position by Speirs (and the Speirs estate).

The questions are:

-What is the evidence that Ronald Speirs shot German PoWs? In many cases, Allied soldiers during Normandy were ordered not to take prisoners(a war crime).

-If Speirs did shoot German PoWs, is there any sort of mitigation or circumstance that would even partially exonerate his actions?

-If U.S. Army Captain Ronald Speirs had been Heer Hauptmann Ronald Speirs or Imperial Japanese Army Captain Ronald Speirs, how would we view his actions?

-What is the name of the allegedly drunken sergeant that Speirs shot during Normandy? He reported the incident to his CO, who agreed with Speirs estate his actions were justified.
Apr 2014
Liverpool, England
As I understand it, the Geneva Convention did not require soldiers to take prisoners. It only laid down rules for their treatment after their surrender had been accepted