Caribbean Armed Forces in WW2?

Feb 2018
Oxford, UK
Hi all, I am currently looking for information on the armed forces (army, navy and air force) of or within the following British Caribbean colonies during ww2 or from the mid-30's to early 50's. I have put the information that I have collected myself next to them

Bahamas- Canadian Garrison- Veteran Guard of Canada & Pictou Highlanders (1942-1946) ? Personnel

Barbados- 12 Barbados Personnel Royal Air Force

Bermuda- Navy & Air Force?
450 Personnel Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps (1939)
125 Personnel Bermuda Militia Artillery (1942)
860 US Personnel (1941) & 1,100 US Personnel (1943)

British Guiana
31 Guianese Specialised War Work (1941)
42 Guianese Personnel Royal Navy (1941)
48 Guianese Personnel Trinidad Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve (1943)
22 Guianese Personnel Royal Air Force (1941)

'In Guiana, for the purpose of defence, the government organised two militia companies, a garrison, and a Voluntary Civil Defence Organisation.' Does anyone know the strength of each of these?

British Honduras
1,300 Personnel British Honduras Forestry Labourers (Served in Scotland) (1943)
British Honduras Defence Force & British Honduras Home Guard ? Personnel

Leeward Islands

139 Personnel Grenada Detachment Windward Islands Garrison Southern Caribbean Force

St Lucia
United States Army Air Forces Sixth Air Force- only info I could find of a military presence here

St Vincent


Trinidad & Tobago


Cayman Islands



British Virgin Islands

Saint Kitts & Nevis

Any information would be great, but I am really looking for numbers on each i.e. US army 189,839 Personnel (1939) etc.
Kind regards, Tom.
Feb 2016
Generally West Indians travelled to the UK and joined British Regiments, RAF or Navy there. About 16 000 made it to the UK and joined up.

Most of the islands own forces were kept for self defence. A Caribbean regiment was raised, trained in the US but never saw frontline action.

Most of the islands were too small to sustain a regiment by themselves.