Carlos Ghosn and other executive crooks

Jan 2012
South Midlands in Britain
I am afraid we are living in the wrong world. Us, minors will lose.
It is not about winning or losing. It is about right and wrong.

`...grant me to have little and want nothing. And I pray that justice may prevail, that the laws may not be broken, that the wise may continue to be poor, but that the rest may be rich provided they are so without fraud'
Apollonius of Tyana.


Ad Honoris
Jan 2011
Well, not an executive but still a I posted elsewhere

Star reporter of Spiegel (also "reporter of the year" prize by CNN) admitted to fabricating dozen of stories...

Spiegel is playing the victim because of course what they have essentially done is to publish dozens of fake news..... ironic and embarassing for those who have pretended to lead the fight against fake news...... so the vaunted "fair and objective" media gets caught red handed again...... and its so called fact checking procedures are nothing but hot air

As always, this serial faker was able to get away with it because he wrote what the media wanted to hear.. he played to their biases and they were thrilled......

In the end he fell, not because the corporation did something right, but because a co reporter blew the whistle.... and for quite a while was ignored and ostracized until it was no longer possible to just ignore him