Cases for considering the European Tradition: Islam and America

Jun 2016
A Shell of Steel
This is something that can only be avoided by changing your angle from one focused on Europe to one focused on the historical cultures that contributed to its modern form, i.e. on surveying the "history, customs, philosophy, and stories" of the Greco-Romans, Celts, Germanics, Slavs, etc. independent of geography, which is what I'd recommend if you're looking for a more holistic perspective on the origins of modern pan-European cultural, societal, philosophical, and historical traditions, to the extent that these exist.
I now think I understand the heart of your criticism and you're making a good point. That rather than referring to the peoples as European I need to have more specific or originary ethnic groups (I say originary because I'm thinking that even modern Italians could be considered something of a conglomerates due to at least some degree of ethnic influx in the region, or any European nation as civic 'nationality' replaces an ethnic distinction of a people.)