Cases where a country's capital does not have a land connection to (most of) the rest of the country

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Where is the seat of government? That's usually considered the capital.
I remember reading that for a union/alliance to work Amsterdam was written in the constitution to be the capital, I know only the coronation happens there.


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The Venetian administration organized censuses to know how much money the Republic was going to collect thanks to taxes. I guess they did it, and Paulucci makes reference to figures about the population. But I wonder where to find an archive. I will take a look around.
That's kind of you Luke!

Feel free to send to me in the PMs, or to update me that the data is still hard to track down. I'll have more to say there, thanks.


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T'Republic of Yorkshire
Is it its' own legal/political jurisdiction ?
I know metropolitan areas can be just a practical reference as opposed to a legal one.
We have something similar here in Fairfax County, VA
Fairfax, Virginia - Wikipedia
Please ignore everything I said earlier. :)

London does indeed have a city within its bounds - the City of London, which is about a square mile and has its own police force. The rest of the constituent parts, including Westminster, are now Boroughs. Confusingly, although Westminster is a borough, it still calls itself a city.
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Well that island was over 2/3 of the non-occupied territories (I am counting Brabant as occupied).

Also the water-line (Waterlinie in Dutch) was about 3 km wide, but at some points much less (either due to the land being too high or due to bribery by the farmers), which is why the French could cross it when it had frozen up.
Damn ice played a trick on you more than once. In the time of the French Revolution it caught your ships in the Zuiderzee, so the Frenchies could get them with their cavalry. Nasty weather ...