Caste System in India - History & Annihilation

Jun 2019
Afghanistan originally
Sorry. I forgot I belong to a civilization. You are right 'malechha' are also welcome for discussion but brahmin say not to engage with person of perverse mentality. What should we call this person now. Kaneliputra?
Lol no one care about what you pot bellied brahmins say, we cleared Nalanda, Taxila and Kashmir from brahmins and sold your women as slaves in Bazaars of central Asia.

Your favorite Khilji at Nalanda.

Do you really think we central Asians care about your Indian/Hindi castiest or racist labels ? lool


Ad Honorem
Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
Never do that to any person. That spoils our own psyche. Have you heard the story of the sadhu who lovingly lifted the scorpion who had stung him and put it outside his cave. The sadhu said, the scorpion did what was natural to it, I have done what is natural to me. :D

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