Caste System in India - History & Annihilation


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I know my heritage and so do other Rajputs too!
We are sick and tired of others trying to change our history and stealing our identity
DO NOT try to tell me what I should do!

I'm not going to warn you about this again. DON'T accuse other members of trying to "steal your identity". This is NOT the place to push a caste, ethnic or religious based agenda. I've already warned you once, there will be no third warning.


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Truth is truth. Islamic societies are not based on caste!
Yeah, I know. Islamic society should not be based on basis of race, tribe or caste. Look at Pakistan or the Middle-East. What a class-less society they have!
Never do I hear about Muslims claiming Brahmin.
A huge number of Kashmiri Muslims have caste names similar to Brahmins - Kaulss, Dars, even Pandits and Bhatts. Some of them are very famous like Saifuddin Kichlu, Allama Iqbal and if I am not wrong, even Nawaz Sharif.
I thought Khatri was a caste that claimed Kshatriya status?
Yeah, probably they are from 'Kshatriyas' as their name indicates, and adopted trade as their profession after they lost their kingdoms. Indian North-West had innumerable invasions in history.
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