Catherine the Great and the Qing emperors


Ad Honorem
Dec 2015
Due to being near contemporaries, Qing emperors (Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong) are often compared with Catherine the Great.
Kangxi is known for reestablishing order and unifying China after the chaos of late Ming.
Yongzheng is known for reforming the bureaucracy and fighting corruption; he enriched the treasury and strengthened the
Qianlong is a little controversial; on one hand, he was a relatively capable leader who led Qing Dynasty to its zenith; his
rejections of Western technologies, bureaucracies and sciences led to the relative weakness of the later Qing;
he excesses were known to cause the decline of the Qing Dynasty.
Catherine the Great was known to bring in Western sciences and technologies to Russia and extended the border of Russia;
unlike Alexander II, she did not free the serfs YET.
What were the scopes and limits of Catherine the Great and the Qing emperors?
Could the Qing Empire possess modern bureaucracies and systems if Qianlong introduced reforms along the British line?
What limited the scopes of the Qing emperors?