Cavaliers or Roundheads?

Cavaliers or Roundheads?

  • Cavaliers

    Votes: 26 56.5%
  • Roundheads

    Votes: 20 43.5%

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Sep 2010
Somewhere in the former First French Empire
Who do you support. The song is purely based on fun, don't base your answer on it xD.

[ame=]Horrible Histories - English Civil War Song (HD) - YouTube[/ame]

The Cavaliers

The Roundheads


Ad Honoris
Apr 2011
I'm a Virginian. There need be no thought given to it. I vote Cavalier.
Feb 2010
Cambridgeshire, UK
I'm of rather mixed opinions. As a non-Conformist and Huntingdonman I should be an out and out Roundhead. However, Pym and his bunch of Puritans were outright crooks, intent on pushing an agenda no one really wanted and were a bunch of snot-faced cads who pushed the country into an illegal civil war and were full of their own self-righteousness. I don't think I can quite put across quite how much I hate Pym and his little gang, sponsored by Warwick.

For that reason I'm a Cavalier, as the King had done nothing constitutionally illegal and he was popular throughout the war. Also, I get a cooler hat and beard.


Ad Honorem
Feb 2011
As a former member of Prince Rupert's Bluecoats or Blew Regiment of Foote I am going to have to say Royalist.


Forum Staff
Apr 2010
T'Republic of Yorkshire
All work and no play makes Cromwell a dull boy.

Pass me the silly wig and lace please.
Sep 2010
Somewhere in the former First French Empire
Caveliers for me of course. Especially at that time (but now as well) it was a crime to kill a monarch. Also Cromwell was quite the hypocrite, first he abolishes the monarchy, but with what does he replace it?