Charles VIII of France lives


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May 2014
What if King Charles VIII of France would have avoided hitting his head on the lintel of a door and thus would have avoided dying young and heirless in 1498? In such a scenario, he would have lived for at least an additional couple of decades. He's historically notable for being the French King who invaded Italy in 1494 and thus starting the Italian Wars--an event that arguably severely disrupted the Italian Renaissance. The Italian Wars didn't actually end until 1559 in real life.

Anyway, how would France, Italy, and the rest of Europe have looked like had Charles VIII had a much longer rule?


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Jan 2017
the Italians wars started on an Anjou claim to Naples then shifted to a Valois claim to Milan
any excuse to have a rip roaring good time pillaging beautiful countries and socking it to the Pope
that last one is an old French tradition
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