Chi-Rho ☧ originally a Symbol of the Centurion

May 2011
Rural Australia
I see. Probably because archaeological finds do not show the sigils.

The sigils are collected (as outlined in the OP) in ...... Michael Avi-Yonah, Abbreviations in Greek Inscriptions, Quarterly of the Department of Antiquities in Palestine (Jerusalem: Government of Palestine, 1940) As reprinted in Abbreviations in Greek Inscriptions Al. N. Oikonomides, Professor of Classics Loyola University Chicargo. Illinois,ARES Publishing 1974., p.112, also see a variation of the Chi-Rho in the Meggido inscription - “the Chapel of the Centurion”).

An extract of the relevant entries is shown at post #6.
May 2011
Rural Australia
Three instances of Greek inscriptions are provided below where the Chi Rho symbol has been listed
as representing ἑκατόνταρχος ‎(hekatóntarkhos‎) centurion

(1) RA 1903 B, 437 (Revue archaeologique)

(2) W 2532 (177-80) (Waddington, W.H.)

(3) SARD 17 (Sardis Volume XII)

Can anyone find further information (or a picture) on any of these?


Here is an extract from the source cited in the OP.

The CHI-RHO seems to have been an abbreviation for - apart from "Christos" - the following:

ἑκατόνταρχος ‎(hekatóntarkhos‎) centurion (multiple occurrences)
χιλιάρχης ... Chiliarch ("commander of a thousand"; "thousandman")
χρεοφυλάκειον ..... (Chreophylax) Dura, Seleucid Financial Magistrate?
χρήσιμος ..... (Chrestos) useful, serviceable, good for use, good, apt. Strong's Greek: 5543
χρόνος .... • (chrónos)
χρυσός .... • (chrysós) gold (metal element, see above)

The context of these inscriptions may need further research, although it appears (from the above) that one of the occurrences for the symbol as representing "centurion" is dated in the later 2nd century