Children-prisoners in Russia

Jul 2016
Russian documentary... memoirs ... Children - prisoners... enormous number of destroyed families.

Stalin's order allowing execution of 12-years old for counter-revolutionary activities.

Hard to digest historic truth about Bolshevism.



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Sep 2009
Unfortunately, there is nothing unique about this..
Every society has this odious potential if the conditions are right or ripe. Privation, war, tyranny and cruel despots are leading indicators. Pol Pot is an archetype.
The concept of “National Security” has nothing to do with people and everything to do with preserving the regime in power.
Africa's civil wars where children are used as soldiers and are executed just as easily. The extermination camps in Germany and just recently, a 12 year old being decapitated on video. Unfortunately, this goes on today but the vast majority of people are more concerned with their FaceBook postings..
These clips are from between the wars in Russia (1935). Stalin had consolidated power by executing his opponents. Russia was in various states of famine. It was truly a reign of terror where very few were spared.
A famous quote from Stalin was, “One death a tragedy, a thousand deaths a statistic.”
What is disturbing to me is that in light of current events, this quote may prove to be true..

If this series of clips were released in Russia it represents honest self-examination and acknowledgment of the darkest chapters of modern Russian history.

A reporter ask the former secretary of State, Madeleine*Albright if the sanctions on Iraq were worth the lives of 500,000 children. She replied, “It was a hard decision but it was worth it.”

Thank you for the informative posting but your final comment represents an ideological bias.
The Russian revolution was Bolshevik, but was Hitler a Bolshevik? Was Pol Pot a Bolshevik, Was Franco of Spain or Pinochet of Chile a Bolshevik? What about the United States drive to the West at the expense of millions of native american lives. Was this a Bolshevik cause?

My point is not to defend Bolshevism but to say that genocidal incidence are not unique to Bolshevism..


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
And yet people walk around proudly with a smile on their face while wearing the images of cowardly murderers like Che Guevara and aren't ashamed of wearing the red star, in the name of which a 100 million people were murdered.