China --- Earth's black hole


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Jul 2008
So why are you in China? You have a fetish for black holes?:confused:
He probably got sucked in! :D

On a serious note, surely this puts paid to the (mis)conception that the Chinese aren't allowed to be critical of their own society??? Freedom of expression and all that?
Feb 2011
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Also could be a particularly uncomfortable dungeon during the British Raj.


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Jan 2009
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This thread seems like the perfect lounge to just sit back, light a smoke, and laugh at stupid statements.


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Apr 2010
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Seems to me the OP is concerned about Chinese hegemony based on their actions in the past.


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Apr 2010
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Actually a black hole is a star death.
More specifically a black hole is a remnant of a star or stars. Basically, a black hole is formed when a very, very large star has a supernova event which can result in a neutron star or a black hole. If the star is large enough it will form a black hole. This black hole is essentially fromed when the star collapses and it's gravity goes unceasing towards it's center. Basically Gravity Wins an otherwise tug-a-war that exists in every other star or star remnant. The gravity is so intense that light cannot escape the black hole meaning quite literally it appears black because all forms of visible light are sucked into it. Now if we saw X-Rays and Gamma Radiation then it wouldn't be black, it would be like the fourth of July, but different subject matter. :rolleyes:

In regards to the article it displays nothing but total ignorance towards the subject matter it puts forward. Most of it is flagrantly skewed or incorrect. Even in Geography it is wrong.