China's territorial claims


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Sep 2009
Anyone care to speculate on this chess game and how it might play out?

[ame=]East Asia - China - Why China's territorial claims are unjustified (historical perspective). - YouTube[/ame]
May 2013
China needed major distraction since lots people have lower wages, high oil prices, and global slow down.

Even though japan had been in sort of recession since 1990s, Japan etc. has been lucky since they have lots money build up before year 2000.

So what they did was japan bashing distraction, but things went little too far and hurt japanese company their and china's economy. So china told N korea to cause distraction, but it did not work that well.

I guess incidents allowed some nationalism in china and japan thus help politics in china and election in japan. It seems things are quieting down.

With internet, people are not as stupid as before so poor/average chinese know what they deserve and things are becoming unstable.

China is building up military also for internal uprising. But I saw that low rank personals are complain that they are not making enough to provide housing to family. I guess gone are the days personnel is happy enough to not starve to death.

Japan's navy is still much modern and stronger than china.
I was originally thinking japan can win, but they don't have to. If china invade the island, japan will complain to UN. And get its propaganda machine going and say....
"We want people of china to be prosperous and free from bad leadership"
Japan will instantly increase defense budget to way above current 1% and start to hire and train more people.

As for other countries though, just like philipines they can't really do anything so they have to watch and pray for japan.
Jul 2012
But because it is Asia and not some other godforsaken place, it will probably end in this.

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Nov 2011
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That is a photograph from the Lilliputian Game reserve in the Picaninfontein region of Limpopo province. The game there features many midget forms, such as this Tusker.