Chinese communist government mosque and church demolition, Islamic persecution, why no international outcry?

Mar 2019
western media seems to be awefulling quite about these recent developments in china on mosque and church demolistion by communist govt of china

Chinese mosque partially destroyed in state campaign against Muslim minority

A mosque in Gansu province, in north-central China, was partially dismantled on April 9, the latest casualty of a national campaign to eradicate Islamic traditions.
Chinese authorities have been systematically cracking down on Muslim minorities in the country, notably in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, where around a million Uighurs are being held in detention camps.
But the repressive measures are steadily extending into other regions, with local reports of the destruction of mosques and the removal of Islamic symbols in Ningxia and Gansu Provinces, home to large numbers of the country’s Hui Muslim community.
On April 9, authorities demolished part of a mosque located in Gazhuang village, in Gansu’s Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, leaving a huge gash in its golden dome and pulling down Islamic motifs inside. The mosque was built less than a month ago and residents were warned not to publish photos and videos of the destruction, according to Bitter Winter and Deutsche Welle.
But videos emerged on Twitter days later showing the damaged dome, debris scattered on the roof and near the entrance, and a large crane with a red bow attached to its bumper sitting in the courtyard of the mosque. Several people are seen crying on the ground.


· Apr 11, 2019

今天 4月11号,共产党暴力强拆甘肃省临夏市折桥噶庄清真寺


今天 4月11号,共产党暴力强拆甘肃省临夏市折桥噶庄清真寺


10:25 PM - Apr 11, 2019
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The individual who took the videos sent them to Erkin Azat, a Xinjiang-born freelance journalist now based in Kazakhstan, who then posted them online. Azat, who uses a pseudonym to protect family members still living in Xinjiang from repercussions, said his source told him several people who took videos of the demolition were later arrested.

"There was no warning"

According to my contact, the demolitions in Gansu Province started last year. Mosques are being destroyed, others have had their domes, minarets, and Arabic scripture removed. It’s difficult to verify the exact number in Gansu. The government’s goal is one mosque for each city or county, and mosques in the countryside are now gone. One is kept for show, in case international organisations come to interview the Muslim communities, for example.
My contact said there was no warning in Gazhuang village, that they just came and destroyed the mosque. Residents were told that the order came from the central government, that the minarets and domes had to come down. Some elderly people fainted, and six of them who didn’t want to leave the mosque were beaten. People who posted about the demolition online were arrested.
People are scared to go to the mosque, to speak out, they’re scared of being investigated. The situation in Gansu has been deteriorating over the past year, just like in Xinjiang.​
China has plowed forward with its campaign to control its citizens’ religions and daily lives and to eradicate any customs that might be perceived as promoting non-traditional Chinese values. Officials have pulled down churches and last year banned sales of the Bible. It has defended its detainment of Uighurs in Xinjiang, which has drawn widespread condemnation, as a necessary precaution against terrorism.
>> Read more on The Observers: Uighur diaspora asks China for proof that disappeared loved ones are still alive
In Gansu Province, new regulations were put in place last month requiring religious groups and institutions to be free of foreign influence and to adhere to a “Chinese orientation” of religion.

"The party is trying to tighten control of society"

Eva Pils, a law professor at King’s College London who focuses on human rights in China, said these tactics underscore the Communist Party’s increasing control of every aspect of society.
Authorities are doing what was previously done in Xinjiang, which is to control Islam because they perceive it as a foreign influence. The party is trying to tighten control of society in all areas, and sees some religious communities as a threat to this control.
It’s about exercising control through fear. In Xinjiang, Uighurs are sent to camps with the ostentatious goal of educating them and turning them into good Chinese citizens. It’s worrying that this has been accompanied by what seem to be quite swift and arbitrary mosque demolitions.
This goes well beyond a systematic violation of religious freedom. It’s a group identity that is being under assault as well.​
Azat said he expected the crackdown on Muslim minorities to spread quickly inwards into the country.
The detention centers in Xinjiang have been built, and I’m worried they will be built in the neighboring Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia Provinces as well.
The government wants to exterminate people whose appearance and identities are different, like Tibetans, Uighurs, Hui people, Kazaks, and Mongols, because they believe these people are a threat. They believe they will be better able to control people and solve the country’s social issues if everyone becomes Han Chinese. But this is wrong.​
This story was written by Jenny Che.

Apr 2019
It's their way of establising 'harmony'.
The same fate was recieved by their own people during revolution.

Don't go far. Don't you see similiar incidents happening inside India. Selective reporting, and selective outrage is the essential.
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Jan 2011
If there should be outcry about this, there would be no end of outcry about what dozens of moslem countries are doing / have done....

We could start with Saudi for example which is judenfrei....and 100% muslim..... One wonders what happened to the jews, the christians and the others there.... or rather one does not.... its pretty clear

the country still prohibits bibles ... and of course there are zero churches, zero synagogues, zero temples.... and where is the muslim outrage about this ?

but I guess discrimination and racism is fine as long as it comes from islamic doctrine

And where was muslim outrage about this ?

Destruction of Serbian heritage in Kosovo - Wikipedia

155 Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were destroyed by Kosovo Albanians between June 1999 and March 2004

or we could look at Niger

Churches destroyed in Niger

This morning, I visited certain burned-out, catholic and Protestant churches. 45 churches burned, and calcined. Two Christian schools burned-out:

Compared to this, what the chinese are doing is quite humane and is small potatoes really compared to multiple campaigns of "religious cleansing" carried out by islamists whether overtly with government sanction or covertly in dozens of countries...


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Jun 2012
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Political feasibility always triumph over religious interests. It's why such 'protectors' of Christianity as Russia never crititize Chinese religious policy. Power, economy, money > religion.


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Nov 2010
Western Eurasia
China is too important economically, they afraid of diplomatic confrontation with her.
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Oct 2013
I suspect we may not be told the whole story about that church. Here in Canada, I cannot build a porch on my own property unless I get a permit. I suspect that church was built illegally without proper documentation, and probably refused to register as a state approved church with a state approved curriculum.

Religious conscience may be a human right, but public religious practice is a privilege, not a right. I suspect the church goers in this specific case did not register as Christians but at the same time wanted to proslytize and crusade their organization and institution in the public sphere and spread their organization to have more members.

And China usually takes a practical approach to everything. Religion is not viewed as a human right like the West. There is no ideology or expectation that it is to be safeguarded against everything it comes into conflict with. The wellbeing, unity, and harmony of the nation is a set of values and principles viewed as being more important than any individual's right to practice in public as a Christian or a Muslim.

Lastly, there is an expectation that Chinese are Chinese as a nation first, and their religion after in whatever ranking. Identity as a Christian and Muslim comes after identity as a Chinese. Therefore religious rights, identity and practice should not jeopardize the nationality and nation state.

Hey, you don't have to like it. I don't have to like it. But it is not realistic to expect injecting newer identities like Christianity and Islam into an ancient identity that is just a grand and have the more ancient one to accept being equal to Christianity and Islam.

What China is attempting to do is make religions to be more familiar and digestible in China, rather than to make China Muslim-free or Christiam-free. One way to do this is have state-approved religious practice, with state approved leaders and curriculums in state approved places of worship. Another way is to unapologetically fight an ideological war against Islamist extremists and see which side, China or extremists, could forcefully convert impressionable Muslims in China's West.
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Mar 2019
What China is attempting to do is make religions to be more familiar and digestible in China, rather than to make China Muslim-free or Christiam-free. One way to do this is have state-approved religious practice, with state approved leaders and curriculums in state approved places of worship. Another way is to unapologetically fight an ideological war against Islamist extremists and see which side, China or extremists, could forcefully convert impressionable Muslims in China's West.
if such things happened to chinese people in USA, esp their enclave called china town where they have constructed a mini china, i think chinese would feel bad too. i think china should let others live peacefully before they resort to militant tactics, the religious persecution in china esp by chinese communists is well known, they have also cracked down on buddhism in the past, destroyed buddhist historic monasteries in tibet and also in the rest of china, was china facing buddhist extremists? Muslims uyghers have been put in concentration camps, chinese are behaving like nazis and nobody liked nazi fascism.

chinese trying to assimilate other non han chinese into their nationality is well known, chinese have admitted mass genocides and persecution as far back as han era, even in this very forum, chinese have admitted ruthless genocides and assimilation of non chinese into han chinese identity.

if chinese want people can also give them assimilation in non chinese lands where they immigrate where they want to construct their chinese enclaves but then, it wont be humane, would it? just a couple of bulldozers in china towns around he world would do the job just like above dont you think?