Chinese communist government mosque and church demolition, Islamic persecution, why no international outcry?


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Feb 2011
Now you are making many assumptions about me without actually knowing me. I've never been in China neither I make my opinions just by reading 'the crap that airs' on the tv. But I've met so many Chinese clients for the business in my country. Many of them stayed with us. Most of them come from big cities and had affluent background. I'm acquainted with so many people who have lived in China for many years.
Then surely you know that 12 hour workday/6 day workweek isn't standard practice, and why did you think it is if you have contact with so many Chinese people?
And your news on human trafficking is relevant how? Were the human traffickers committed by the Chinese government? No? You saying people from no other nationality commit human trafficking?

1. You claim that Indians are too lenient on how they treat Muslims. You accuse India of practicing "decades of Muslim appeasement" in post 297.
-Then what about the decades of minority appeasement practices in China, including preferential treatment in law, things I personally witnessed myself? What about China even banning anti-Muslim phrases on the internet? How come for India you accuse them of appeasing Muslims, but for China you say it's too harsh? Your Chinese clients didn't tell you about that?

2. You criticize the "Wahabi" menace that is "crippling" India and "giving a bad name to the Muslims community".
-Then what about how China banned Wahabi practices like the face-veil, and then the Media would accuse this as persecution of Uyghurs when the face-veil isn't even a part of Uyghur traditional dress? Your Chinese clients didn't tell you about that?

3. You accuse Muslims of dropping their mother culture/identity for a foreign ideology.
-OK, so when Chinese rennovate Muslim mosques into architecture more along the lines of Chinese temples, why does the story become one of destroying mosques? What about the stories of the government donating money to build mosques, like the Nandouya Mosque built with Chinese architectural style? Your Chinese clients didn't tell you about that? There are 25,000 mosques in Xinjiang, and satellite imagery of around 0.1% of them being torn down over several years automatically becomes a story of government persecution? None of them could be torn down for some other reason? Each one of those 25,000 mosques must stay exactly as is till the end of time?

4. You accuse "liberal Muslims" of not protesting against mullas running parallel to the Indian government
-Why do you not accuse CIA backed organizations or other organizations backed with foreign money, which tries to penetrate into minority areas? Your Chinese clients didn't tell you about that? What about all the Sharia Law zones in China like Linxia, Shadian or Ningxia where even non-Muslims must obey Muslim law? If you think India should do something about 'mullas running parallel to the government", then why say China is 'too harsh' when it allows these Sharia Law zones? Didn't your Chinese clients tell you about that?

5. You accuse India media of never showing any Muslim cleric in a bad light while making fun of every Hindu custom.
-How many Muslim clerics did the Chinese media show in a bad light? Show it to me.

6. You accuse that Indian crimes against Muslims, even without proof, make their way to the international media
-You take as given negative news about China without proof, don't you? You accept international media may not be fair about India, but think it's fair about China? You don't find that ironic?

7. You accuse how there are "many illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingyas in India? "
-You do know that Xinjiang is a staging ground for terrorism, where people in the war-torn Middle East receive training/instructions and then go to Xinjiang to commit terrorism, right?

8. You accuse Pakistan for having a good relationship with China while accusing Pakistan for hating India.
-Shouldn't all countries try to get along? Why can't Pakistan try to have optimum relations with everybody, and India try to have optimum relationship with everybody? But you seem to think good relationship with China is prostitution but good relationship with your country is not? If anything, what's making you say this stems from hate, otherwise you would want all countries to get along with everybody. Oh, you deny speaking from hate? Then perhaps next time there is a thread on how the Indian government treats minorities, you should give links to human trafficking in India even though it's not sanctioned by the Indian government. It's what you're doing here regarding China. For someone who has "Chinese clients", it's remarkable you view a good relationship with China as "prostitution".

So in other words, China have the same 'problems' that you listed for India, have affirmative action (or what you call 'appeasement') policies for minorities, have mullas that ran parallel with the government, and seem to be practicing the solutions that you are advocating for India. Yet you say China is too harsh and India is too soft? Double standard much, or your Chinese clients simply didn't tell you of these 'appeasement' policies?

This was what you said in post 297:
You are again trying to play the muslim-victim card here.
Those Hindutva goons are direct result of decades of muslim appeasement by politicians, media, riots and foreign forces in India.
Do you know how many terrorist activities are going on in our country in name of different Isalmic groups?
Why don't you ever criticize that Wahabi/Salafi menace that is crippling India and giving bad name to muslim community ?
Why do muslims here drop their mother culture/identity for a foreign ideology?
Why do liberal muslims never protest against those mullas who are running parallel governments in India?
Why does Indian media (funded by foreigners specially middle east) never shows any muslim cleric in the bad light while making fun of every Hindu custom?
Why do most of the crime committed by muslims are not reported in Indian media while crime against muslims(even without proofs) make their way to international media?
Why are there so many illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingyas in India?
Why did Kashmiri muslim threw away 300000 Kasmiri Hindus from their motherland in an independent country like India?
Why was Pakistan created and why do they hate India and it's old civilization this much? Uhigyur are still different culture than Han Chinese but Pakis share their blood with India. They are ready to prostitute their country to China but are not ready to acknowledge their Indian identity.
I don't support the methods of China but I don't like too much leniency of India either.
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Aug 2014
Because I know the narrative being presented: China is attempting to eradicate Islamic tradition.
I dont think Communist-Athiest China is particularly driven by anti-Islam zeal. They are inadvertently anti-humanity (and humans are just mules for them). Communist Hans are simply at odds with different cultures and ways of life, they are also making life suffocating for Tibetans.
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Feb 2011
Again there's 25,000 mosques in Xinjiang. Why is tearing down .1% of them within a three year period out of the norm? So when a building gets built, it stays there permanently until the end of time? Church's and mosques and temples from other countries get demolished for one reason or another, how many times did the Chinese media automatically accuse these actions of being anti-Islam or anti-Christian? You know, excluding the ones that's demolished because a bomb was dropped on them.

The link claims that the Imam Asim shrine has been torn down, and denotes how important it is to Xinjiang Uyghurs. Well, there's a reason why they didn't show what the shrine looks like down on earth, because it looks like this:

They had you believing it was an entire building akin to a mosque in order to play up its importance, whereas the shrine here is a bunch of flagpoles stuck there as offerings. It could be gone for a number of reasons, it's not exactly expensive to set up or take apart.

Azad67 said:
I dont think Communist-Athiest China is particularly driven by anti-Islam zeal. They are inadvertently anti-humanity (and humans are just mules for them). Communist Hans are simply at odds with different cultures and ways of life, they are also making life suffocating for Tibetans.

From songsten, when asked about the government subsidies provided to Tibetans:
Subsidies given to average family in my hometown amounts to almost 9000 renminbi per year. Agricultural experts from mainland comes regularly to teach Farmers. Same with the nomads too. Basic food and medicine is subsidised to a certain amount. Money is paid to the parents of Junior school children so that parents will send them to school. Extra marks are given in exams so college admissions are easier for the Tibetans than the Hans.

TV channels in U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo dialects. Promotion of traditional horse races and prize money. Schools in Tibetan area have Tibetan language teachers. Grants given to monasteries ( mostly Panchen Lamas ), Publishing of Tibetan language literature by state publishers.

Actual homes are being built for free for nomads so they can settle down but many nomads use them only for winter residences. Many county officials do not protest against this and let do do as they please.

There is no one/two child limit. I know families that have 7 children and they get all the state benefits. Ethnic Hans would be punished quite severely for this.

Law is quite light on Tibetans breaking laws even in mainland cities. Punishment for almost any crime in Tibet and Tibetan areas is lesser than in mainland. In Tibetan areas punishment for fighting and feud murders doesn't result in death sentence but 16-22 years imprisonment.

Basically Chinese government treat Tibetans with very light hand. Almost every economic and health indicators in Tibetan areas have improved sky high in last 2 decades.
Sometimes I think the Beijing is too generous which will only make the Tibetans lazy and dependent on government doles.

Just don't get into political stuff and everything is fine.

Ps: Please do not think of me as a wumao. I do not mean to say that there are no problems. There are many problems but the goods far outweigh the bad.

The Tibetan TV channels he is spoke of above:
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Feb 2011
Also, as for the Keriya mosque in which the link accused the authorities of tearing down the gatehouse section, that's a half-truth. They only showed you the zoomed in picture of the gatehouse. Zoom out the picture and it can be seen that EVERY building in the surrounding area was torn down. The gatehouse was actually the last to go. Here's a comparison of the same place, year 2002 compared to year 2019. I assume that this is due to making place for other construction, just like how every other building surrounding it was torn down to make room for newer buildings, and after a couple years there's going to be a building in its place. Except for the rectangular mosque in the middle of the map, the surrounding area is so different that it's unrecognizable.

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Jul 2014
yup, the news of uyghur oppression is not coming from uyghur itself but from chinese muslims, all these info leaked by chinese hui muslims who are also under oppression, several hui mosques demolished by chinese commies.

If there is anything extremist Uighur hates more than Hans.. it is the Huis. There is absolutely no sympathy for each other despite sharing the same religion.