Chinese Communist spies in the KMT

Feb 2018
How did Chairman Mao manage to put some spies in all sectors of the KMT government making him well-informed all about the plans and movements of KMT troops during the Chinese Civil War?

Lord Oda Nobunaga

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Jan 2015
Ontario, Canada
Socialist elements within the Kuomintang were sympathetic to the Communists. There is a long trend of Marxists infiltrating and subverting any and all Socialist movements. The Left Wing portion of the KMT was largely sympathetic to the Communists and played in a role in forcing Chiang to collaborate with them against the Japanese. It turned out that some politicians openly supported the Communists as well. It was discovered that party officials were working with Communists in certain territories and that Communist advisers which had joined as part of the concerted effort against Japan, were trying to subvert the KM from within. This was discovered some of the members of the KMT moved towards the Right as a reaction. One example was Wang Jingwei who challenged Chiang Kai-shek early on, advocated pragmatic support for the Communists but was himself against Communism on ideological grounds. He gradually shifted more towards the Right when it was discovered that the Communists were attempting to subvert the KMT. When the Japanese took much of China, he defected and led the puppet Nanjing regime, joined the Axis and agreed to the anti-Comintern Pact.
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