Chinese maps showing South China Sea, do they exist?

Feb 2018
Are there Chinese Imperial Maps proving that South China Sea already been part of Chinese territory and not because it only became the territory during the ROC era in Mainland China?

If SCS is already part of Mainland China, how will Mainland Chinese explain this map proving that a part of SCS is already Philippine territory during its Spanish colonization (Panatag Shoal aka Huangyan Island)?

Sep 2019
Geographically, the South China Sea has a significant role in the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific. The South China Sea is bordered by Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. One-third of the world's shipping passes through it, carrying over $3 trillion in trade each year.

Do Google Maps work at all in China? The simple answer is no. Google and Google Maps do not work in China. The longer answer is yes if Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are used.

China has difficult GPS coordinates. The confusing layout of Beijing streets is attributed to the government’s plan to frustrate the ability of any invading army to find its way around. Although, China has a provision in the law for matters “where it is really necessary to adopt the international coordinate system.”

China has sued some foreign individuals and organizations for illegal surveying and mapping. Regulations also demand that all foreign handheld devices must also display the offset or merely disable their GPS functions. Baidu Maps can be difficult if you don’t read Chinese. Travelers have reported Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps to be useless as well. Apple Maps are a better bet.


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Apr 2013
1. china also shows on the same map, does that mean china is part of spanish colonization?
2. the territory of spanish Philippine was well defined as seen from the US-Spain treaty signed in Paris, in which it recorded that the western border of once-to-be spanish Philippine starts at 118 E, huangyan island is on 117, 50 E, beyond the territory of philippine.
3. further more, the island shown on the 1734 map is NOT the huangyan island. the shape is wrong.
4. it is known in the history of eastern asia, maps were not used a tool to define borders and thus territory
5. chinese administration of huanyan island was well accepted from 1935 to 1970s, not even the great US (which is also once the owner of US Philippine) had ever proposed any objection during this time.
Sep 2019
Here is an interesting one not about South China Sea, but the Solomon Sea. China Is Leasing Pacific Island of Tulagi.

Tulagi is an island with a little more than 1,000 people in the Solomon Islands. The island of Tulagi served as a South Pacific headquarters for Britain. Then, Japan during World War II made the harbor into its position.

Now, China is going forward with plans to effectively take control. A Beijing-based company has secured exclusive development rights for the entire island of Tulagi and its surroundings. The lease agreement has shocked Tulagi residents.

The renewable 75-year lease was granted to the China Sam Enterprise Group.