Chinese official clothing/national dress



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Apr 2012
While many Hanfu enthusiasts advocate Hanfu as a national dress, critics see this as an internal problem, as Hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han people. Hanfu as a national dress would fail to represent the other 55 ethnicities of China.[8]

In February 2007, a proposal to use Hanfu for the official clothing of for the Chinese 2008 Summer Olympics was submitted to the Chinese Olympic Committee.[9] After considering the proposal and debating on what should be the official clothing, the Chinese Olympic Committee rejected the proposal in April.[10]

Since Hanfu was rejected by the Chinese Olympic Committee as official Chinese clothing, what kind of dress today is seen as Chinese national dress?
Jul 2014
China has 56 official minority ethnic groups and almost all of them have their own multiple versions of national dress. I dont think there is any need for national dress in China as there are too many already and giving recognition to one particular culture will be against government policies.


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Oct 2011
China is not an ethno-national state, but an ethnically pluralistic empire. Such a construction could never have a "national dress".
Mar 2016
Henan province of China
As Songtsen said, we can't find a dress that makes all the people happy.
Government officials often wear 中山装, a dress designed by Sun Zhongshan-our national father.
Senior officials sometimes wear 唐装.
Even Hanfu, its supporters have been debating which can represent the Han Chinese clothing.The Zhou , Han , Tang , Ming , Qing Dynasty and so on, their supporters could not convince all of the people.
In general, we support the people in their own ethnic clothing, we need to protect the traditional culture.
The irony is that we can't be sure of official costumes, but everyone will wear Western clothes.


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Aug 2013
United States
Why can't people wear what they want (at least within reason) and just leave it at that?
May 2009
I think a good comprise would be an updated Hanfu. Something based on traditional designs, but also made for the modern world and incorporating elements from all the various ethnicities. That might eliminate many of the disagreements.


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Apr 2012
So during Olympic 2008, what is the official clothing for the Chinese since Hanfu is rejected? Or is there no official clothing?


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Apr 2013
中山装 for the most serious government activities.

for other events....i do not quite understand what is an official dress....