Churchill attacks Mers el Kebir

Mar 2019
Victoria, Australia

The french admiral (if i remember correctly) offered to fight for the allies under the french flag (and accompanying conditions). He also stated that if not, they would remain out of that war or something along those lines. I think that both of these are likely and the that "axis take over" of the fleet to be unlikely considering the situation at the time.

In Hindsight, I think the attack to be a complete and utter waste of military forces and the 1300 men that died there. Honestly, in my opinon I'd say it was pretty much downright a betrayal. Especially considering that the French would scuttle their fleet in 1942, thus preventing the axis powers from taking it over to them.

At least that's my opinion. It's a fairly hot topic and very polarised. People say that it was a "necessary evil" or that the english/churchill could not have known the outcome.
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