Churchill, Stalin, Truman, Mao and the pivotal years


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
Just opinion, but the US prioritized the Pacific war over Europe until the buildup for Normandy began The African-Italian campaign was not going to defeat Germany and the US leaders knew it. It's not clear Churchill did since it was his idea to invade Germany by way of Italy and Austria. This would place the allies in a better position to discourage Stalin, but discourage him form what? Eastern Europe is east of Austria and allied forces would have met Stalin after he occupied Eastern Europe anyway. Maybe Churchill was thinking of turning east from Austria and stopping the Russians while turning his back on Germany?
Aug 2014
New York, USA
The USSR was very badly bled dry by the end of WWII, though.
USSR finished the European theater with ~500+ some odd divisions, battle hardened and experienced, with fairly modern brand new equipment. A couple of months later in 1945 they would completely run through 1 million Japanese in northern China in a huge encirclement operation with a fraction of their army strength (about 20 armies).
Jan 2013
Toronto, Canada
What led to the deterioration of relations between these guys? Were any mistakes made and could things have gone differently?
The question isn't why they fell out, it's why they got along in the first place - they were natural enemies. The answer is Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. All of them hated the Axis more than they hated each other. Once World War II was over, the deterioration of relations was inevitable.
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