Classical vs Medieval?

Which historical era are you more interested in?

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Mar 2010
Which era do you personally find more interesting? Classical Greece and Rome; or Medieval Europe? I decided to make this multiple choice since I'm sure there's plenty of people here who are interested in both.
Nov 2010
Definitely both. But in more specific areas, for example, video games, definitely Classical, at least for the Total War games. The game play style makes more sense with classical armies. For films, I prefer medieval, no doubt, Kingdom of Heaven is one of the most gorgeous gorgeous movies ever. I watch it just for the scenery.
Apr 2011
Medieval for me, although not for research purposes (I'll stick to my early modern/modern history for that!). I have studied Classics before, of course, but that was some time ago. My Latin is quite rusty by now.
Jun 2010
Rhondda, South Wales
While I do find the medieval era interesting, I must admit to having more of an affinity for the classical period. Always seems more fascinating to me.


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Jul 2009
Montreal, Canada
I used to be very passionate about the classical world and I still am in some ways but I am way more interested about the Medieval period currently.
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