Classical vs Medieval?

Which historical era are you more interested in?

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Mar 2010
I find Classical history fascinating, but it pales compared to my fascination with the Medieval period. So Medieval it is. :)


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Aug 2010
i have never really looked into clasical history much other then a few wikipedia pages and TV documantarys so my knowledge on it is basic at best. medival history does appeal to me more and i have looked into it in reading a lot about the crusades which i find very interesting. i guess its to do with the image most of us are fed growing up of the nobel knights, lofty castles and huge pitched battles with swords and arrows that leads to a greater interest in the medivial era when we grow older, at least thats how i view it anyway.

i do hope to return to the crusades once i am finished with other studies and brush up on them as i find myself getting a bit rusty on them


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Oct 2009
Classical by a very long shot. Medieval Japan and the Islamic Middle East are my only interests in the c. 500-1500 period.


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Aug 2011
Gaillimh (Ireland)
I like both but i voted for Medieval since the latter part of the Middle Ages(plus renaissance) is one of my favourite parts of history