Cold War Video

Jul 2018
I found and commented this old cold war video. A few, yet to be famous, Hollywood actors play in this educational video about what would happen to a suburb if New York was attacked by nuclear weapons.


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Ad Honorem
Jun 2014
The fear was real, perceived or not. One wonders how today's generation would have handled it. Even more PTSD than most already have?:zany:
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Ad Honorem
Jan 2017
The fear was very real indeed
Had the occasion to read the targeting list for the US strategic targeting , it got declassified a few years ago
Strategic Air Command Declassifies Nuclear Target List from 1950s

While the first wave of target was high priority military ( including locations in the middle of major cities )
the second and third wave of strikes encompass the total destruction of ALL the infrastructures
toward the end of the list , the targets were simply ...populations
it would make any rescue and recovery near impossible

one can suppose the soviets had an equivalent one
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