Colonial troops of UK

Nov 2008
Hello everybody and dear specialists.Is it possible to know the list of the colonial troops of the English empire composed with soldiers of the territories occupied ? Naturally,i don t speak about Scotland,Ireland and Wales.Thank you.
A huge task. Regiments were amalgamated, disbanded, re-numbered and so forth. Here is just an example of the original Punjab regiments until 1865 . When the British took control of the Punjab, the first unit to be raised in 1846 was the famous Corps of Guides, infantry and cavalry, under the command of Harry Lumsden. There was also the 1st to 5th Regiments of Punjab Cavalry, raised in 1849. In 1846-7, the 1st-4th Sikh regiments were raised as the Infantry of the Frontier Brigade, and styled "Sikh Local Infantry" from 1847. The 1st-5th Regiments of the Punjab Infantry were raised in 1849; and a 6th was converted from the Scinde Camel Corps, which itself had been raised in 1843. The "Frontier Brigade" in 1851 was re-styled the Punjab Irregular Force, and to which was added the Corps of Guides. In September 1865, this force was re-titled the Punjab Frontier Force, and it also included 4 units of mountain artillery. We must also include in this force the Peshawar Mountain Train.
Aug 2011
Lots of regiments were raised for the army of the east india company and these were later incorporated into the british army. For a list see:

Category:Honourable East India Company regiments - Wikipedia

One of these became the 76th Regt. off Foot and when this was merged with the 33rd Regt. of Foot it became the 2nd battalion Duke of Wellington's Regt. The battalion flag still bore the name 'Hindustan' on a union jack in the 1990s. Ironically, in the 1st world war, the 2nd battalion spent the war in France whilst the 1st battalion, the original 33rd regt. spent the entire war in India.
Feb 2016
American Loyalists.
Canadian Militia, Volunteers.
West Indian Regiments.
Colonial Marines

East Indian Company European Regiments.

Various African regular units.
Punishment Battalions.
White African irregulars.
Black tribal allies.

Are there specific time periods/countries?
Jul 2009
Perhaps the Imperial War Museum might have a list. There are too many units/regiments for us poor old forum members to know.

The Indian army around 1900 had several hundred thousand men (with plans to expand to 800,000 in the event of war with Russia). In WW II, the Indian army was about 2,500,000.
Jul 2009
Edric Streona mentions American loyalists in his post above. Before the AWI there was the Royal American Regiment (60th Foot) of four battalions. Many of the men were Scots-Irish or German immigrants. (The regiment was commanded by a German-fluent Swiss colonel, Henri Bouquet.)
Nov 2008
There were two exotically named Canadian units raised for the expedition to the North-West in 1885 and disbanded later that year: the Rocky Mountain Rangers and the Moose Mountain Scouts. Both these units were volunteer militia outfits. The former unit has no association as far as I can tell (apart from the name) with the present Rocky Mountain Rangers, a reserve Canadian regiment. However, The Moose Mountain Scouts is included in the linage of the present North Saskatchewan Regiment, another reserve unit.