Communism/Marxism & equality of outcome


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
I'd say this concept is much older... Is that not how some tribal societies worked ?
Do you have any specific ones in mind? I can't really think of any. Although some tribes had a concept of ownership different from our western one (say, if you don't use it you don't need it and I can take it) but even food distribution mostly wouldn't be done in fully equal shares and there's always a strong dominance hierarchy based either on owning animals, slaves, war trophies and to it connected honour and respect, which again gives you people at the top who have it easier to get things and more of them than those of lesser status.


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Jun 2014
I equate equality of outcome with capitalism, specifically low-level employees and assembly-line sort of jobs. You get paid the same as everyone else no matter who does what. At least in communism/socialism it's theory only.
I equate equality of opportunity with capitalism. And this is more than theory. Many people have moved out of the lower economic stratas to to higher ones in practice. Furthermore, I would argue that what holds many back in a system like this is not economics, but socialization. Some come from an environment (encouraged by family or community) where they are taught not to fit into the system, that is, not to cooperate. This is a more likely impediment to upward mobility. If somebody is gifted and talented and works within the system, they have a good chance of succeeding (assuming a general malaise, mental health and/or substance abuse aren't weighing them down).