Communists selling humans during the Cold War

Dec 2017
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I wonder how many communist countries were involved in human trafficking during the Cold War.

Romania started selling its german minorities (Transylvanian Saxons, Banat Swabians, Banat Mountain Land Germans (or how are they called in english?), Zipser Germans and so on) to Germany sporadically since 1950 and continuously since 1962 or 1963. It is not known how much Germany paid to buy thousands of germans free, but there are estimates for over one billion DM in money and stuff like hunting rifles, cars and other vehicles as well as medical equipment. And it doesn't include the money the minorities had to pay and bribe themselves.

Additionally Romania sold Jews to Israel for money as well as chicken farms and other agricultural goods.

In another case Germany bought thousands of political prisoners from the GDR for more than 3.4 billion DM.

Nicolae Ceausescu said in 1977:
"Oil, Jews and Germans are our most important export commodities."

Do you know other examples?
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Mar 2017
I apologize for my ignorance. I have never heard of this.

This detail of post-war Europe was never discussed in any US school I ever attended. I'm surprised there hasn't been other feedback on this.
Dec 2017
Regnum Teutonicum
No need to apologize, I just wondered what that "!" meant. It may also be no wonder you learned nothing about it in school, because it was a high secret as long as it lasted and a lot is still hidden in archives.
It is very interesting, for example the official statistics for the people Germany bought from Romania start in 1950 with 13 people and then it jumps in 1951 to 1031. Most years is in the thousands, the lowest is 1954 with 8 and the highest is 1990 with 111150 people. 1977 is the first year with 4 digits. Its also interesting how the prices for people changed, though much of that is still not public. By the way one of those people Germany bought free was Herta Müller who won the nobel price in literature in 2009.
Oct 2018
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Fascinating.Be most interested to learn of your credible sources. I wouldn't accept anything said by Ceausescuas reliable, especially if the practice was a state secret. .

I guess it could be true After all, some credence seems to be given to the stories of the PRC harvesting and selling the organs of executed prisoners.

However, from the examples you've given ,it's not clear you're talking about human trafficking in the usual sense of selling people into a kind of slavery. 'Buying freedom' is perhaps more commonly known as 'ransoming' and has been common in many countries, since WW2 at least

I can't quit grasp your point. Surely good outcomes from dubious means?. In such circumstances I would not hesitate to buy people from criminal regimes if it meant saving lives.Of course the criminal officials would hide such behaviour.
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I don`t get the joke?
no joke.

the OP stated "Additionally Romania sold Jews to Israel for money as well as chicken farms and other agricultural goods. "

so who in Israel bought the Jews from Romania?

it is a very serious question that should be answered.