Communists selling humans during the Cold War

Dec 2017
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@At Each Kilometer
No plural. I have given two examples. So with Romania we have the ant-Soviet maverick. And with the GDR, we have the most loyal soviet puppet, which would cease to exist as soon as Moscow stopped to defend it with tanks.

@def turner and At Each Kilometer
Here is a source that says 33,755 political prisoners where bought from the GDR for nearly 3.5 billion DM.

23.1.1990: Häftlingsfreikauf: letztes Kapitel
Sep 2012
@Otto I DDR case is a bit different. The DDR elite didnt sell representatives of its country's minorities, but unwanted for them ppl for example defectors caught by their Romanian, Bulgarian & Hungarian comrades near their borders with first world. They called it purchase of exit visas and it looks more like a ransom than human trafficking. In the end ppl in question were fine in BRD. The fate of those shot at the border and the rumours that DDR govn was paying for it, now this is truly gruesome 'business'

Why were the East Germans taking the Romania route to West Germany?
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