Completely destroyed cities

Apr 2018

Tenochtitlan (I do not consider Mexico city the same)
In a manner of speaking. Tenochtitlan's city centre and temple complex had been destroyed but the colonial capital was built right after. Parts of greater Tenochtitlan evolved into what is today Mexico City. The site was never abandoned.

India's current capital Delhi has gone through numerous such transformations. The ancient capital of Pataliputra still exists today as the capital of the state of Bihar, Patna. Although nothing still exists from the old days.
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Jul 2011
Supposedly had one of the most remarkable zoos known to man. Not only did it contain all the animals and plants of the Aztec empire, it also held members of the indigenous tribes for display.
I'd love to see that zoo.
Terrible example. Just a change of name. Tenochtitlan is one of the biggest cities in the world.


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Feb 2013
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The examples are probably beyond count. There are likely many that are still to be found from ancient times. In Near Eastern archaeology, in particular, there are numerous known examples of tells upon which cities have been built, destroyed, abandoned, re-inhabited and rebuilt multiple times over. The ruins of previous settlements were often largely used as rubble fill upon which a new city was built. Although there may be varying degrees of overlap or reuse from one stage to the next at a given site, these tells generally grew higher over time and we ended up with stratigraphic sequences going back in time for archaeologists to study.