Cone Shaped Bread in Ancient Egypt

Sep 2011
The ancient Egyptians were said to have eaten cone shaped bread.

In India they eat something called a 'dosa' which is made from fermented rice and made like a pancake (but with more skill) and shaped into a cone.

Do you think it could have been like some form of pancake rolled into a cone?

Or do you think it was baked bread, maybe stuffed with a filling?

Indian Dosa.

Stuffed and baked?

Cone baked bread loaf?

What do you think?
Dec 2008
First the picture you found notwithstanding off Dosa isn't usually served in a cone shape but simply rolled up with a tad of filling-I might have some for lunch today actually.

Second any cone would be flat bread stuffed after baking then folded for ease of holding-it's quite difficult to bake bread with any kind of substantial filling and have the whole thing work properly.
Dec 2008
So they really will have been cone shaped in the clay pots?
No not all all-as anyone who's ever seen bread cooked in a [ame=]Tandoor[/ame] knows.

The cone shape helps conduct heat but a flat portion of dough is slapped onto the hot surface to be cooked.

Iranian bread

Mar 2017
The two mainstays of the Egyptian diet were a very thick nutritious beer and bread. All kinds of bread. Temples had bakeries that sold bread.

Accumulated from various tomb paintings, they had over 40 kinds of bread. Of course the wealthy could afford meat, and they ate fish and fowl, but those two foods were so prevalent they appear in every tomb. Dried out, rocklike bread was found in many tombs (as mentioned above).

I just read an interesting analysis within the last week. Ancient Egyptian heights were something like male 5'2" and female 5'. Before they mastered agriculture, they were TALLER. The analysis is that the beer:bread diet was low on protein needed for growth.

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