Confederate flag flown in WWII!


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Jul 2013
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I've read other accounts of the battle flag being used by regional fighting units in WWII, too. It's not as offensive or ironic as it first appears. Firstly because the battle flag itself was at that time associated with the Lost Cause movement more than the reality of the Confederate vision (i.e. perpetuation of the slave power). And even during the Civil War, it represented regional fighting units, not the ideals of the men who started the conflict. If they'd raised the actual stars and bars, maybe then it would be a topic to fume over, but this was just an instance of Southern pride.
What did te South have to be proud about?
What did te South have to be proud about?
Objectively or in their own minds? I think the Lost Cause was a major source of pride for the South - I think it still is. The fact that it's a case of revisionist history doesn't matter to the layman. To them, they're carrying on the Jeffersonian cause and weeding out corruption as it threatens to choke off the "true intentions" of the Founding Fathers.

Overall, though, I think the South considered itself pure, cocooned in tradition, much like English nationalists of the time did. The works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and GK Chesterton come to mind when I think about Southern pride, to be honest. That probably sounds like an odd comparison, but I could make a decent Southern parody out of The Ballad of the White Horse if I changed a few lines. That traditionalism was in stark contrast with the North and out of it was born a sense of regional superiority.
Feb 2017
I know if I were soldier in the Pacific during WWII fighting for my country and watching friends die in a death struggle with Japan, I'd be pissed as hell if, after a hard-won victory, some screw-wit colonel raised a Confederate flag.
Oct 2017
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If the captain had been a Texan, the Lone Star probably would have gone up over Shuri Castle instead of the Stars & Bars!

Because Texas entered the Union as a republic, I believe that it's the only state flag that can be flown at the same level as the Stars & Stripes - not below it.

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