Confederate flag flown in WWII!

Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
Jun 2015
Did the US army person come from the South? I suspect it was because of this, or he just did it for the hell of it.

Or thought he could get away with it before some high-ranking officer saw it, and he would get busted for not following protocol.

It would be like some proud Scottish officer in Normandy temporarily hoisting a St. Andrew's Cross before he replaced it with a Union flag.


Ad Honorem
Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
Absolutely agree. I'd go further and say it was probably *the* single best memoir by an enlisted man to come out of the Second World War.
Hero-worship of those who fought for the preservation of slavery in America is about as offensive as one can be. Worse, placing statues dedicated to the soldiers who tried their best to kill American soldiers on public property and in parks where everyone is daily confronted by them is pretty bad. If it were up to me, I would dynamite all of them.
Apr 2017
United Kingdom
This of course before the Confederate flag("Stars and Bars") was more or less adopted by the likes of the White Citizens Council( although an admitted segregationist James Carter Senior- father of future US President Jimmy Carter bravely and wisely refused to have anything to do with the WCC or kindred groups!) and the Klan, thus taking on the same racist connotations associated with say, the Hakenkreuz( crooked cross- ie swastika) or the totalitarianism of the Hammer and Sickle!


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