Constantinople 1453: Cretan Sailors No Surrender

Jul 2014
From Ralph Vickers excellent article The Siege of Constantinople in Strategy & Tactics Magazine #66 there is a paragraph at the end that has always intrigued me. After the city walls fell and the Ottomans were busy plundering there were some areas of resistance. Some escaped by ship as Turkish sailors were afraid of missing out on looting but also:

"A small company of Cretan sailors held out in three towers near the entrance of the Golden Horn until early afternoon. They so won the admiration of the Turks that they were allowed to leave the city unharmed".

Does anyone have more details and / or references for the Cretans?

The only thing I can find is this post and it only mentions that Venice allowed the Byzantines to recruit Cretan soldiers and sailors, "who acted heroically during the siege", and mentioned:

" The Cretan soldiers and sailors, manning three towers near the entrance of the Golden Horn, were still fighting and had no intention of surrendering. At the end, the Ottoman commanders had to agree to a truce and let them sail away, carrying their arms."