Constitutional Monarchy


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
Yep, the American system has its flaws.......
Indeed it does. Money plays too much of a role in deciding elections.

The electoral college is a throwback to the 18th century and should have been eliminated long ago. Clinton won the 2016 popular vote by nearly 3 million. Even Trump has spoken out against it in the past.

A naturalized citizen can never be president or vice-president. But being born in the USA under any circumstances entitles one to full citizenship even if one spends the rest of their life in a foreign country.

Wyoming has the same number of senators with 400,000 people as California with 38 million people.

I could go on. The lawmaking process is less efficient than the Westminster system and currently nearly frozen. However in the present situation, I'm glad the current president finds the Constitution so frustrating.
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Jul 2012
By having no check on Parliament, what's to stop the party in power from passing legislation limiting other parties or the press/media from criticizing it?

That's right. What stops it happening is countervailing power - the power other political groups and institutions have to offer alternative interpretations of proposed legislation, its efficacy, implications and desirability. In a properly functioning democracy it will not be possible to shut out every other political group and institution to guarantee support at an election. Only when supporting economic and societal institutions begin to fail will voters be agreeable to political changes that will undermine democratic processes and perhaps allow one political party to exclude other parties and to dominate all political institutions. Hitler managed it.