Could anyone tell me what the Report of the Country Life Commission is?

Apr 2012
I think the group was called the Commission on Country Life. The report they put together was called the Report of the Country Life Commission.
President Teddy Roosevelt believed that rural America was the "backbone of our nation's efficiency," but that rural life risked being left behind in the modern America emerging in the first decade of the 20th century. In 1908, he formed a Commission on Country Life, headed up by Liberty Hyde Bailey, to investigate ways of making country life more attractive. The 1909 Report of the Country Life Commission highlighted a list of "deficiencies" in rural life that were prompting people to leave the country for the city, but had few concrete recommendations for remedying the situation. One hundred years later, just about all of those "deficiencies" still plague rural America, and people are still leaving country for the city. Despite its apparent lack of results, however, the Report remains a landmark for the attention it brought to issues of country life, and it remains an inspiration for for our Rural West Initiative.
Teddy Roosevelt's Country Life Commission | Rural West Initiative

“Not to help farmers raise better crops, but to call his attention to the opportunities for better business and better living on the farm. If the country life is to become what it should be, and what I believe it ultimately will be—one of the most dignified, desirable, and sought-after ways of earning a living—the farmer must take advantage not only of the agricultural knowledge which is at his disposal, but of the methods which have raised and continue to raise the standards of living and of intelligence in other callings.”
Theodore Roosevelt United States and Bailey, 1909, p. 4
Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs