Could China fight off the Japanese in WW2 on their own and win?


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Dec 2015
The Communists never threw in their whole forces against Japan except for the brief Hundred Regiment Offensives. Throughout the 40s, the Communists are growing at an exponential rate (from 50,000 to 900,000 in 1945) and still not opening up a real front. It's an entirely different game if they decided to do that after 1945, especially if they received Russian weapon support. The only place Communists had trouble infiltrating was Manchuria, Japanese hold over the rest of China is highly precarious under Communist penetration, and time is on the CCP's side.
Preserving the strength (or population) is the primary goal of the Communists when its power was minimal.
Mar 2012
History tells us no. By the time the U.S. entered the war, much of the populated regions of China were under Japanese control.
By the time US entered the war, Japanese advances of the country also already stopped for over a year, and the two sides stalemated around the region of Changsha, which Japan failed to take after three battles, where Japan lost tens of thousands of soldiers each. Communist operations in China was beginning to infiltrate many rural areas; most maps of Japanese occupation of China by 1945 is misleading, since much of Japanese control of the country side was either loose or almost non-existent. By the end of the war, the Communists already penetrated large parts of Shandong before Japan even officially surrendered.

Preserving the strength (or population) is the primary goal of the Communists when its power was minimal.
Yes, but the point is that other than the hundred battalion offensive, the CCP never actually threw in the bulk of their forces against Japan. You cannot ignore a force of 900,000 and still growing in 1945 when you talk about the total conquest of China. After 1945, the most powerful opponent Japan will be facing will be the CCP, not the Nationalists. The CCP is a force which pushed the Nationalists out of China in just 4 years (which Japan couldn't do in 8), and the UN out of North Korea just 6 years later (and in foreign soil too).
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The answer is yes.... China had Japan pretty much stalemated, though it lost roughly one quarter of its territory.... In a war of attrition China would simply be more durable than Japan.... No one was coming to help Japan, while eventually one or several nations would help China... Also eventually chinese troops would get better...... so the clock was ticking against the japanese.....

Also as it was the japanese suffered over 2 mio casualties in China...... even if we halve that (assuming no foreign help to China) that is still over a million.... this is significant ....... China had more casualties of course, but its population was bout 4 times larger.... Japan could not win, so eventually China would
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The only way Japan could realistically win in China, assuming no other front opened meanwhile, was either killing all Chinese or treating them better in order to set up a proper collaborationist force.
Otherwise it was impossible: China was too large and populated to hope to be able to hold onto their conquests.

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