Could Europe become the dominant continent in a world without gunpowder?


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Jan 2007
The European banking system financed the voyages; and the construction of the infrastrucrture; canals,
s harbors, roads, etc,


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Mar 2013
Maybe but far from guaranteed. Think about Lepanto or the Portuguese battle for the India trade. I don't see European side winning those battles without gunpowder. The conquest of the New World might have happened but probably quite a bit more slowly and perhaps even natives could have adopted European arms enough to resist eventually especially if Europeans were still fighting each other and so resisting natives were armed/trained by other Europeans.

Also I think the odds of further nomadic invasions are high and while Europe in 13th century was already beginning to centralize and deploy larger and better armed/trained armies bows and crossbows would have remained potent weapons and slowed any European dominance quite well. Europe probably could slowly advance its interests but there would be a much slower influx of wealth as the conquest of both Aztec and Incan empires is far from guaranteed not to mention European naval dominance would not exist and so Europeans even managing to conquer the Carribean is far from guaranteed. Plenty of European explorers were killed even though they had guns and the natives did not and the more slowly Europe expanded the more time for everyone else to copy at least European military technology.

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